With the many imperatives to reduce energy consumption and the increasing change in the modern workplace, there are very good reasons for looking at alternatives to the traditional approach to building services design.

One such area is the use of separate heating and cooling plant, which is potentially wasteful when both heating and cooling are required in a building at the same time, in different areas. An alternative is to use a multi-purpose unit, such as Climaveneta Integra units, which provide simultaneous heating and cooling in a four-pipe system, using a single item of central plant.

Crucially, they can also use the heat produced by the generation of chilled water for heating – and vice versa. Field tests and live installations have shown that using this approach can reduce primary energy consumption by 40%.

There are three basic operating configurations which are totally independent of external temperature conditions – cooling only, heating only and combined hot and chilled water production. At the heart of this flexibility is the use of two refrigerant circuits that are able to operate independently of each other under the unit’s control logic. Inclusion of suitable thermal storage tanks, both on the cold and hot sides, offers effective system operating modularity and optimises running costs.

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