The suggestion that Tottenham Hotspur FC might purchase the Olympic Stadium after the 2012 Games, knock it down and build a new one is farcical. Not only would this be an outrageous waste of money it would also extremely wasteful of natural resources and the embodied carbon in the materials used. Not to mention the carbon footprint of constructing a new stadium and the air pollution resulting from deliveries of materials and use of large construction plant.

The 2012 Games has been billed as the most sustainable Games ever and much has been done to live up to that promise. The efficiency of the Energy Centre managed by COFELY GDF-SUEZ is a prime example of this. So to sign up for the wanton destruction of the stadium would be a slap in the face to all of the ideals underlying the Games.

In my view, it is imperative that those who decide on the fate of the stadium must bear these ideals in mind and ensure that the final decision is based on sustainability imperatives as well as financial gain.