I have to congratulate Hertsmere Council on its policy of making recycling easier. There’s no carrot to incentivise and no stick to punish (as adopted by many other authorities); just very sensible measures that make recycling convenient and part of everyday chores. In doing so, they increase recycling levels through recognising that most people want to ‘do their bit’ but are often frustrated by lack of easily accessible amenities.

For example, I have four bins and can recycle plastic and glass bottles, cans and other metals, carrier bags, yogurt and margarine pots, paper, cardboard, tetrapack drink cartons, garden waste and food waste. So very little goes into the fourth ‘unrecyclable’ bin.

And they’ve overcome the whinge of many that food waste is left too long when collected fortnightly. Because there’s no compulsion, we have a choice. Food waste can go in the compost bin one week and in with the general waste the following week. Though in fact this is only necessary in the very hottest weather (not much in evidence this year) as long it’s wrapped in newspaper and, perhaps, further wrapped in waste cardboard packaging – which can also be composted.

So hats off to Hertsmere and thanks for my new wheelie bin.