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Blowing hot and cold

Systems that can provide simultaneous heating and cooling, such as the Climaveneta Integra range, can deliver significant energy savings.

CRC compliance made easy

CRC compliance is made a lot easier by using specialist tools such as the CRC module in Causeway’s Sustainability iQ suite

Don’t forget the efficiency element of sustainability

When reducing carbon emissions don’t just rely on technology, look at the basic efficiency aspects

Making the most of the RHI

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) looks set to increase the use of low energy heat sources such as heat pumps, solar thermal, etc. And as renewable sources currently only account for around 1% of the UK’s heat demand this is clearly a welcome development.
However, it’s very important that manufacturers of heating equipment adapt their equipment [...]

Is water the new energy?

Managing water could be as important as managing energy

Make do and mend

There are many ways to repair and refurbish items and this should be considered before going for replacement.

Practice what you preach

Companies that sell energy-saving and other ’sustainable’ products should also apply the same principles to their own operations

Ash clouds may have a silver lining

Ash clouds preventing air travel may encourage people to fly less and make better use of more sustainable options such as telephone and video conferencing

Climate change, does it matter

Irrespective of climate change we have to reduce dependence on fossil fuels before they run out.

Carbon is just too cheap

Carbon prices need to be higher to motivate people to take them seriously