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Too big to value customers?

When companies get too large to have a personal relationship with their customers, other forms of communication become increasingly important. Get it right and the semblance of a personal relationship can be maintained. Get it wrong and you reinforce the lack of a meaningful relationship.
For example, I recently received two letters from Barclays Bank and [...]

What makes a business ‘un-sustainable’

Sabien Director Dr Martin A Blake argues that businesses, processes and industries that aren’t sustainable won’t survive. So it’s important to understand what a sustainable business is.

CRC compliance made easy

CRC compliance is made a lot easier by using specialist tools such as the CRC module in Causeway’s Sustainability iQ suite

Don’t forget the efficiency element of sustainability

When reducing carbon emissions don’t just rely on technology, look at the basic efficiency aspects

Not so sustainable Tesco

All printing has environmental impact and Tesco needs to take a look at the length of its till receipts.

Is water the new energy?

Managing water could be as important as managing energy

Tougher regs for energy saving products

Tighter regulations are needed to ensure that energy saving products really do what they say.

District energy is the way forward

The formation of COFELY District Energy is very good news for the environment, sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

What makes companies choose online collaboration software tools?

Email is no longer the best way to collaborate on a project, online collaboration tools provide more control. Collabor8online is a good example of this.

Not all aspects of sustainability are sexy

In a recent Blog I noted that there is a lot of emphasis on the high profile ‘sexy’ aspects of sustainability and not enough on the day-to-day stuff that makes a big difference when rolled out across many locations. The other key issue is how you manage your sustainability – how can you measure your [...]